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#SCCF2022 Headliners

Bill Squire

In 2004, at age 22, Bill Squire was just your regular old excommunicated Mormon Missionary trying to find his way through life. Returning from a  two-year-long Mormon mission in the Philippines, Bill found his voice on stage traveling the country telling jokes as he relentlessly pursued stage time. 

In 2008 Bill recorded and released his debut album Sarcasm Bus independently and has sold thousands of copies. In 2011 Bill teamed up with Slow Mutant Productions and filmed his one-hour comedy special Just Say Your Jokes which has over 37,000 views on YouTube. In 2013, Bill released Crowded, which reached number three on the iTunes comedy charts. He has released five successful comedy albums, his albums have been heard by millions of listeners on streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. His newest release Bam Bam is in collaboration with Helium Comedy Records coming July 23rd, 2021.  

Bill has been seen on Comedy Central. He was a regular cast member on the cult favorite YouTube series Man in the Box, starring opposite Cleveland Comedy Legend and Red Lobster regular Mike Polk Jr. He has also appeared on tv shows like Laughs on Fox and Hulu. 

Family is a priority for Bill, although his time on the road means a lot to him since 2013 Bill has co-hosted The Alan Cox Show, an afternoon drive talk show on 100.7 WMMS in Cleveland. He has become a part of a larger family of millions of devoted listeners/viewers on iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher. 

He also hosts his wildly popular podcast The Bill Squire Show on the iHeartRadio network.

Bill Squire.jpg

Eitan Levine

Eitan Levine is a New York based writer and comedian/human theme park. He has previously been staffed as a journalist/producer/on-air talent at Elite Daily, Cheddar, Mashable and several other publications. He’s also written for the New York Times, New York Magazine (The Cut), Amazon, Sony/Embassy Row, Reader’s Digest and has worked on creative projects with companies like Nike, Red Bull, JEEP, Audible, Tru TV and others. In 2017, Eitan was hired as a writer for "Hollywood Says," China's only celebrity talk show filming in the U.S.. During his time at Cheddar, his series "Money Menu" and "Business of Going Viral” were the highest-rated shows on the channel. His work has been covered by the New York Post, Daily Beast, Jerusalem Post, Algemeiner, BroBible, Time Out New York, New York Magazine, several Taylor Swift message boards, Glen Beck once for some reason and others. Through articles, videos, a documentary series and live broadcasts his work has been seen by billions of people across the globe.

In 2020, with comedy clubs shut down, Eitan started an outdoor show in Central Park with comedian Drexton Clemons. The show became a local hit and was picked up by Sony / Embassy Row (Watch What Happens LIVE!) to be turned into a podcast with video called NYC Is Dead.

Eitan'S TikTok channel took off in 2022 after a video called “Jewish or Antisemitic” went viral. His Jewish-themed man on the street interviews have been watched by hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

Other credits include writing for the Emmy awarding winning sports segment “5 For Fischler,” being one of 30 finalists in the running to live in the MLB FanCave 2013 and posing for a picture featured in The New York Times while holding a sign that said “PALIN! CALL ME” with his cell phone number underneath.  He’s also been featured as a performer at the New South Comedy Festival, Motor City Comedy Fest, Baltimore Comedy Festival, the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, Comedy Mob Fest, New York Comedy Festival, Stand Up NY, Cleveland Comedy Fest (BEST OF FEST AND WINNER OF THE NATE COCKERILL PERFORMANCE AWARD), Cola Con, North Carolina Comedy Festival, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Carolines, Broadway Comedy Club and others around New York city and across the country. On top of that, Eitan has performed at numerous synagogues, JCCs, cultural centers, colleges and corporate functions. None of his favorite sports teams have won a championship since 1994.

He also once threw a 5 day comedy festival in his apartment called “Apartment Fest.”  
It had 6 sponsors, which is crazy.

Eitan Levine.jpg

Jasmyn Carter

Jasmyn Carter got her start in Cleveland Ohio and now lives in Los Angeles. Her comedic talents have taken her far and wide; you've seen her commercials for 1-800-FLOWERS and Google Pixel (which aired during Super Bowl LVI), and she has over a million combined followers on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Her comedy album "Too Much Head" is available on all streaming platforms. 

Jasmyn Carter.jpeg

Tim Wolfe

Winner of the first and only Youngstown Comedy Festival, the Funny Stop Comedy Contest, the World Series of Comedy, and this one dive bar contest where he won $34, Tim Wolfe has been entertaining audiences with his tales of woe for the better part of a decade. From losing his job, his girlfriend - and don’t even mention his bunk bed - audiences generally leave Tim’s shows feeling much better about their own lives. Simply put: the sadder he is, the funnier he is. And right now he’s never been funnier!

Tim Wolfe.jpg
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#SCCF2022 Hosts

Brandon Petri

Brandon Petri_edited.jpg

CiCi Bullock

CiCi Bullock_edited.jpg

David Morales


David Shelton


Drew Gigis

Drew Gigis.jpg

Jimmy Killius

Jimmy Killius.jpg

John Armstrong

John Armstrong_edited.jpg

Marla Massie


Nancy Abraham

Nancy Abraham'_edited.jpg

Patrick Madison

Patrick Madison.jpeg

Precious Moore

Precious Moore.JPG

Robert Stutzman


Teddy Bruno

Teddy Bruno.jpg

Zach Suich

Zach Suich.jpg
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#SCCF2022 Featured Performers

Aaron McDavis

Greenville, MS

Aaron McDavis.JPG

Amber Harper-Young

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Amber Harper-Young 2.jpeg

Andrea Pascasio


Andrea Pascasio.jpg

Andres Farfan

Astoria, NY

Andres Farfan.jpg

Ann Van Epps

Brooklyn, NY

Ann Van Epps.png

Anthony Morelli

Mill Village, PA

Anthony Morelli.jpg

Ariel Julie

Chicago, IL

Ariel Julie_edited.jpg

Brandi Roberts

Raleigh, NC

Brandi Roberts.jpeg

Brian Sullivan

Colorado Springs, CO

Brian Sullivan.jpeg

Bryan Bixby

Portland, OR

Bryan Bixby.jpg

Cameron Leedy


Cameron Leedy.jpeg

Carlos Kareem Windham

Portland, OR

Carlos Kareem Windham.jpg

Carrie Ross

Brooklyn, NY

Carrie Ross.jpeg

Chris Nakis

Mars, PA

Chris Nakis.jpg

Dan Guan

Boston, MA

Dan Guan.jpg

Dante Plush

Queens, NY

Dante Plush.png

Don Gavitte

Portland, OR

Don Gavitte.jpg

Dr. Dee


Di Cai.jpeg

Elizabeth Lopez


Elizabeth Lopez.jpg

Erica Switzer

Chicago, IL

Erica Switzer.jpg

Giles Chickering

Cincinnati, OH

Giles Chickering.jpg

Hannah Belmont

Wheaton, IL

Hannah Belmont.jpg

Hayden Arrington

Charlotte, NC

Hayden Arrington.JPG

Hayley Beacon

Berkeley, CA

Hayley Beacon.jpg

Hewitt Pagenstecher

Portland, OR

Hewitt Pagenstecher.jpg

Jacy Lafontaine

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jacy Lafontaine.jpg

Jameel Key

Buffalo, NY

Jameel Key.jpeg

James Coburn

Brooklyn, NY

James Coburn.jpg

Jay Hunter

Cleveland Heights, OH

Jay Hunter.jpg

Jolie Dudley

Waynesboro, VA

Jolie Dudley.JPG

Jonny Loquasto

Northampton, PA

Jonny Loquasto.jpg

Joshua Banaszak

Berea, OH

Josh Banaszak.jpg

Kayla Evans

Portland, OR

Kayla Evans.jpg

Keir Williams

Philadelphia, PA

Keir Williams.jpg

Keith Chase


Keith Chase.jpeg

Lee Tillman

Portland, OR

Lee Tillman.jpeg

Marie Chirico

Lakewood, OH

Marie Chirico.jpeg

Max Devin

Milton, MA

Max Devin.jpeg

Max Marcus


Max Marcus.JPG

Melissa Logsdon

Lorain, OH

Melissa Logsdon.jpg

Michael Lee

Queens, NY

Michael Lee.jpg

Molly Fratz

Painesville, OH

Molly Fratz.jpg

Niko Pav

Brooklyn, NY

Niko Pav.jpeg

Noah Goldstein

Washington, DC

Noah Goldstein.jpeg

Paul Valdes-Rodriguez

Norwalk, CT

Paul Valdes-Rodriguez.jpeg

Ryan Chernick

Zanesville, OH

Ryan Chernick.JPG

Saku Yanagawa

Chicago, IL

Saku Yanagawa.JPG

Seetharaman Radhakrishnan

Boynton Beach, FL

Seetha Krishnan.jpeg

Shannon Bacchus

Chicago, IL

Shannon Bacchus.jpeg

Shatha Yas



Simone Holder

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Simone Holder.jpeg

Ty Clay

Kansas City, KS

Ty Clay.jpg

Wasif Hyder


Wasif Hyder.png

Will Purpura

Brooklyn, NY

Will Purpura.JPG
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